Revelstone's Rides

Well this is what i'm doing now. By the way, the background is is a trail near my house. It's a nice one, even in winter.
February. These are the before pictures of my fixie. i'm using a 48/17 combination. if it's too much i can do a 38/17. just have to see how it goes.
 The next picture is the J.B. Weld  drying. Let it  set for 3 days.


While that's drying, i'm doing a little cutting.


i cut off the parts that used the other brakes. just going to have a front brake. ok last pictures are everything put together. going to do a lot more work to make it look nice, but it's mechanically finished. might change the brake and brake lever later. we'll see.

not going to do much else with it today. this is what happened last night and this morning. it's 4 inches of global warming.

Feb 26. Well, rode the fixie for the first time today. Just around the block a couple times. For sure the knobbies got to go. Put on some street tires, maybe 1.25 if I can find them. Then raise the seat an inch. Stopping was not too bad, but I kept the speed down. Had a few handle bar adjustments, and I definitely want a different brake lever. Have to look in my parts bucket. But I did not die. So that’s a good thing. Definitely going to clean up and paint that frame though. More later. 

Feb 27. Could not resist. Took the fixie out for a ride. About a mile and a half. It was great. Adjusted the seat up higher a couple of times. Have a new set of toe clips on order. That will make it interesting. As a new fixie rider I'm keeping the front brake. Probably forever. The first picture don't look like much, but it was a hill and i did it without getting off of the bike. Then i took a picture at the top of the hill. Just cuz i could. It is definitely more exercise to ride. But then, that's the point. Speaking of  weight, that's another thing. Compared to my mountain bike commuter, this fixie weighs next to nothing. Maybe even less.